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Women's Athena Leather Bracelet in Multiple Leather Colors

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2 mm round leather with pewter beads and clasp
Part Number: LB59
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Capture the look of the goddess Athena with our bracelet that was designed as her namesake. Symbolizing strength and intelligence, Athena is truly an inspiring figure. This five-strand bracelet makes a perfect centerpiece on your wrist, and the movement of the silver pieces makes this a comfortable bracelet to wear. 

The beads and clasp are 99.9% fine silver plated, and the leather is high quality Indian-made and vegetable tanned, meaning it's chemical free. Athena is available in black, brown, blue, bordeaux, green, red, purple, and turquoise. 

Bracelet Sizes Please specify the size bracelet you are ordering. If you are not sure what size you need, measure your wrist circumference. Please do not add in any length as we know how much to add in so you get a perfect sized bracelet.

Custom Sizes are available at no additional cost. For your custom made bracelet, please type your wrist measurement in the Comments box at checkout.

Order fulfillment is 2-3 days.


NOTE: Jewelry must be removed before water activities as chemicals and salt water will damage and/or corrode the leather and components. We 100% guarantee our jewelry for one year from the time of purchase; however, jewelry worn in water is void of replacement and/or repair.


Handmade in the USA.

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